About This Website

Big changes are happening in palliative care. At Saint Elizabeth we don’t want to just a part of this change, we want to help create it. Working with local hospices across the country, we have created this website to listen to communities and their hopes and needs around hospice care. Simply put,
we want to know if people who are sick, but not dying, would turn to a hospice for help. This project is a partnership between Saint Elizabeth Health Care and the Hospices of McNally House Grimsby as well as Georgian Triangle. This is an online community conversation about quality-of-life.

A project from

This project originated as a partnership between Saint Elizabeth Health Care and Hospice Georgian Triangle in Collingwood, and has now been adopted by McNally House Hospice in Grimsby. This conversation about quality-of-life is another opportunity for Saint Elizabeth to bring innovative and data-driven solutions to tough problems.


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